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4 championships and incredible prizes for the winners!

Saudi Arabia is hosting FORTNITE, PUBG, FIFA 2020 & TEKKEN 7 championships! The 4 championships are to be held in Riyadh, Prince Saoud bin Abdul Aziz bin Jalawi Road, El Domo hall in both online and offline modes.

Fortnite championship starts on the 10th of January up to the 16th of January, PUBG championship starts on the 13th of January up to the 17th of January, FIFA 2020 championship starts on the 13th of January up to the 15th of January, TEKKEN 7 championship starts on the 16th of January up to the 17th of January.

To register, please visit and get the chance to win prizes ranging from cars, large cash prizes, game consoles and more!

Mobile Gaming Stats in the UAE

Mobile Gaming Stats in the Middle East Revealed

AdColony EMEA partnered with OnDevice to conduct a survey of mobile gamers and mobile gaming habits, and the results reaffirm the global trends where mobile gaming is a demographically diverse audience that continues to expand and grow in the region. The global gaming market is on track to reach over $115 billion in 2018. At over $50 billion, the mobile…read more →

mobile games 2017

Mobile games spending exceeded all the rest in 2017

According to the Gaming Spotlight, 2017 Review, a special joint report released by App Annie, a leading mobile app data and insights company, and International Data Corporation (IDC), Direct spending on mobile games exceeded the combined spending total on home console, PC/Mac, and handheld games by more than one third in 2017, up from a single-digit margin by the same…read more →

StarCraft 2

StarCraft II is going free-to-play this November 14

After more than seven years after its launch, developer Blizzard Entertainment is making StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty, the famous RTS game and its first campaign, free-to-play. The announcement came during BlizzCon 2017 held this week, in a move that will open StarCraft 2 up to a broader audience.

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World Game Expo – WGE is one of the largest events for the video games and digital entertainment industry in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region.

WGE is the perfect platform for meeting and networking with interactive entertainment developers, publishers, distributors, service providers, platform providers, localization providers, payment solutions providers, investors, government officials, and retailers from the MENA region.

WGE aims to showcase wide varieties of video games, online games, mobile games, edutainment & infotainment software, game related hardware, and next-generation platforms.