Why Exhibit

Win New Business
MENA is the fastest growing region in the world offering new business opportunities to suppliers of interactive entertainment and digital games. If you are planning to explore or enter this market, WGE will help you reach a large proportion of the market – the key game publishers, distributors, developers and service providers – in a short space of time. WGE is the best platform to network and demonstrate new interactive technologies, products and services.

Develop Relationships
The importance of face-to-face contacts in developing relationships cannot be overemphasized, especially in this region. Developing new relationships takes time but exhibiting at WGE will give you access to more industry professionals at one time than any other event in the region, which makes it a highly cost-effective way to reach this specialized audience.

Increase Your Brand Awareness
Participating in the show will raise your profile, create increased awareness of your company and generate interest in your products/services. Exhibitors will have the opportunity to sponsor show activities and educate potential customers on new and current developments.

Retain Your Existing Clients
Meeting and reinforcing your relationship with your existing customers is an essential part of retaining and developing business. A focused business environment and numerous networking events will give you opportunities to develop existing business relationships.