Rules & Regulations




Entries should not contain the following:

  1. Offensive, scandalous, or discriminating sounds and/or images against the UAE penal code and the legislation in force;
  2. Disrespecting any race, religion, culture, gender, or ideology;
  3. Violating any individual’s and/or group’s privacy, rights, or ideology;
  4. Violation of any copyright laws.



  1. In entering and participating in the Indie Game DevFest, the finalist has complied and will comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, and have not violated nor will violate any agreement or understanding by which it is bound, including any confidentiality, intellectual property assignment, or license agreement.
  2. Finalist will have to be showcased in the Dubai World Game Expo – Indie Game DevFest Pavilion.
  3. Playable version of the game must be made available to showcase the game to the trade visitors and exhibitors of the Dubai World Game Expo.
  4. Finalist showcasing their entries in the Pavilion will have to provide their own device (computer, console, or mobile), and other hardware required to operate the game.
  5. Video demonstration of the entry may be necessary for the ease of the playability of the game (Not mandatory).
  6. Presence of the finalist is required during the event to man their stand in the Pavilion.
  7. Should the finalist unable to be present at the event, he/she may assign their community representative/ having an authorized person carrying out his/her responsibilities as finalist.